09 September 2012

Facial hair status

So I am abroad again.  Back in Afghanistan.  I thought this time I would be able to go with the clean look and while not shave every day, not have to get serious facial hair growing.  That would appear to be an erroneous assumption on my part.
I live one place and work another.  I have to drive between sites in a thin skinned mini van.  I get to do this all by my lonesome.  Given the scenario I am faced with it seemed prudent to try and blend, so, on comes the beard !
These two images are about 3 weeks in.  In the past I have done the goatee thing and pulled that off quite nicely.  This time around I am going full beard.
I will post weekly updates on the growth.

13 October 2008

ADK Hike '08

JT and I hiked up in the high peaks this past weekend. Awesome weather. Hard hiking. The terrain was rocky, the climbs up were challenging. The decents were punishing on the knees and feet. It was like doing non stop lunges.
Fall foliage in total effect up north. It is kicking off pretty well in the Saratoga Springs area as well.
We hiked, we ate, we drank a lot of water, and boy did we sweat.
We bagged 3 peaks. Upper and Lower Wolf Jaw and Armstrong.
I intend to go back (most likely Veterans Day as I have it off) and do a one day Mt Marcy trip. Have to knock that one out. I am hoping to get in at least one more over nighter before winter sets in, which is going to happen soon up there.

01 October 2008


So, apparently posting the daily work out as a way of keep this blog active really hasn't panned out all that well.
You can see from the post history that I have really let it go. That isn't too say I am not excersizing, I am just not posting about it. So, I won't continue to pretend that I will do it.
Not that anyone even comes here other than me, since no one really knows it is here, the blog that is.
I will add it to my Facebook profile and we shall see if that does anything.

18 July 2008

Workout Review

Ok, so I have already dropped the ball on what is supposed to be daily posts.
I will summarize the remainder of the week.
Wednesday. Rest day
Thursday. Pullups 9,10,11 hrs 12,10,10 @ 5 plates Run at lunch w\watch. 15:10 Not sure what the distance is.
Friday: Picnic day so no lunchtime workout.
0900 incline bench machine 170x12 , shoulder press 90x10
1000 incline bench machine 190x12, shoulder press 90x10
1100 incline bench machine 210x10, shoulder press 80x10
Preceding each iteration was a front plank of 60 secs.

15 July 2008

Workout Review

Today's workout was lighter than yesteday as the lunch effort was put to a run.
0900 Pullups 10 reps 5 cheater plates
Bicep curl on bar 50 lbs x 10
Pullovers 120x10
1000 Repeat of 0900
1100 Repeat of 0900

Lunch: Stretch then run the perimeter fence. < 20 mins, forgot my heart rate monitor so I couldn't time it.
Situps, incline bench to max 25 reps
Front plank 30 secs
Repeat one time.
Hit the showers!

14 July 2008

Workout Review

A new thing I am going to do here is track my workouts. Try and keep myself motivated to keep at it.
Today I did my pullups with the assist at 5 which means I deducted 50 lbs from my body weight. I did a set at 0930 and a set at 1030, I missed the 1130 but started the one hundred pushup program and did those at 1130, wk 1 day 1. You can see the info on that HERE
At lunch time I went to the gym and did the following:

Flat bench. (Note to self, probably not good to do the pushup deal on chest days)

Shoulder Press.

Dips (on the assist machine)
10 @ 10
10 @ 9
10 @ 10

Tricep pushdowns.

EDIT: Forgot to include the should shrugs
120x10 3sets

Incline Dumbell Press
30 sec front plank
30 sec front plank
30 sec front plank

I have been trying to increase my running but my ankle is really not happy with that, so I am going to hit my bicycle instead. EDIT: Sad to say I did not get to ride last night. Dammit!

13 June 2008

Micro Nuclear Reactor

This is interesting stuff. Micro reactor completely self contained engineered to be fail-safe (hopefully not like the Titanic) and in production with initial installation expected this year.
Very cool stuff. If it works and is as safe as they say.
Here's hoping.